– Win 5 Warzone matches (Quad) in a row
– There will be a “Champion Contract” for you in the 6th game. After picking up a contract, there will be an announcement saying that your squad is going to arm a nuke, then a game will put a HUGE crown (real-time bounty) on you
– The contract will ask you to get 3 elements, which will give you some obstacles by each element you get (radiation damage, minimap jammed)
– After picking up all elements, you will need to combine them at the given location and arm the nuke. Defend it for 2 minutes and Boom! Champion’s Domination

– Apparition Operator Skin (for Ranger – SpecGru Milsim Operator)
– Quest Nuke Animated Calling Card
– Quest Nuke Animated Emblem
– Weapon Charm
– Weapon Sticker


Nuke RECOVERY: We need log into your account and help you do the recovery service. NUKE SERVICE OPTIONS Platform – We can complete this service on PC, PS, or XBOX. Delivery Speed – Normal – we will place your order in the queue, and when it’s your turn, we will complete it.

nuke carries are now available for $85


Delivery times ( 1-3 days Depending on que )

Nuke Contract Completion